Sunday, June 7, 2009

St. Louis to Sioux Falls

Driving through MO is kinda reminiscent of NC, but with shorter trees (less pine trees). Rolling hills, with slightly more viewing distance. You can definitely see more horizon though. I caught a glimpse of KC, but too the bypass in the interest of time up to RT 29. Pretty boring drive. I passes Omaha and stopped in Sioux City, a surprisingly hilly, quaint, sleepy town. Many parts vacated, but a nice collection of pubs and restaurants in the old section. A slight isolated feel to it, from what I am used to. I stopped for supplies and a hot meal, since I was starving. I pushed on to Sioux Falls. I won't bore with the details, but I had some trouble finding a room for a reasable rate. It seems people come here to party and hang out on the weekends, as its the biggest city in SD and largest, by far for many miles in any direction. There are casinos everywhere thoughout the midwest, which surprised me. Big ones in the cities and smaller ones wherever you turn. Like convenience stores, you are never too far from a casino (though I assume they are the ones with just machines). I had started down 90 west in hopes to find something, but after hitting a few sparse exits, I realized I needed to turn back. This road is REALLY DARK. No big lights or highway stops. I did not want to drive this at night at 75MPH, seeing as I saw a lot of roadkill coming though IO, MO. Just not worth the risk. I drove a scary 65mph, and I am not one to shy away from speed. During the day is another story. The roads are wide open and straight. I would love to have a Ferrari or Lamborghini up here.

I planned to leave early, but happend to catch the French Open and have to watch since its Roger Federer's first win to come. Then check out the falls and hit the road for the Badlands, where my adventure actually begins FINALLY. I plan to camp there. I hope the clouds lift, so I can see the stars.

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